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Chemicals & Cleaning Products Industrial Applications

FRICTION CONTROL® a specialist lubricants, chemicals & cleaning products company, manufactured all kind of industrial cleaners & specialty chemicals catering for all applications and equipments.

With cooperation with our European supplier, we have set up a local production plant in Malaysia. The UK formulation & local production allow us to oer a full range of tailored products of the highest quality which are also competitively priced. Our quality & safety cleaning products cover a broad range of industries including the automotive, food production, metal working, hotel, restaurant, goverment sectors and general industrial sectors.


HD Machinery Degreaser
FC 819
Alkaline based powerful cleaner suitable for removing the most stubborn oil, grease and dirt. Biodegradable and non hazardous for safer use.
Multipurpose Degreaser
FC 832
Special chemical compound will loosen grease, dirt and grime from the most stubborn areas and is easily hosed, wiped or brushed o. Stuiable for workshop oors, degrease machine parts, clean restaurant or kitchen oors.
Glass Cleaner Concentraded heavy duty glass clean. Suitable for glass manufacturing, car clean & building cleaning job.
Industrial Grade
Dish Wash
Concentrated blend. No harmful to skin, special skin protecting agent.
Vehicle Cleaner High foaming car shampoo. Extra protection on the vehicle’s paintwork.
Engine Cleaner Engine cleaner is a fast acting degreaser which removes grime, grease & stains.
Hand Soap Suitable for restaurant, toilet, kitchen, hotel, workshop & the industrial sectors.
Industrial Grade
Waterless Hand Gel
Super ecient cleaner that incorporates ne cleaning and safety to use.
Waterless, Citrus, with Sand ( Scrub )
Industrial Soap Biodegradable formulation suitable for palm oil, rubber production, oil & gas industries. Cost saving & high performance.

Clean the ooring by using FC832 Multipurpose Degreaser Clean the machinery by using FC819 HD Machinery Degreaser


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