Lubricant Oil & Grease

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Lubricant Oil & Grease Industrial Applications


Hydraulic Oil 32, 46, 68 &100 Premium Quality Anti Wear Hydraulic Oil for All Type of Hydraulic Systems.
Food Grade Hydraulic Oil Chemical Resistant & Food Grade Hydraulic Oil for Food Manufacturing.
Gear Oil VG220 / VG460 Heavy Duty Gear oils designed for use in Wide Variety of Industrial Applications.
Fully Syn Compressor Oil Fully Synthetic Compressor Oil. For Rotary & Vane Compressors.
Slideway Oil High Performance Metalworking Lubricant.Suitable for High Speed Machining Process, CNC & etc.
Stamping Oil High Purity Stamping Oil for Aluminium & Copper Heat Exchanger.
Siliconne Fluid 300-1000cST Chemical Resistant & Food Grade Lubricant.Suitable for Plastic, Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Industries.
Neat Cutting Oil, 32cST Non Staining Oil for Ferrous & Non Ferrous Metals.
Machining Coolant Mineral & Semi Synth Coolant for Machining, Grinding, Cutting, Stamping, Broaching, Forming & Drilling.


High Temperature Bearing Grease Lithium Complex . Maximum Up to 280°C . Suitable for the Machineries, Equipments which Operating at Extremely High Motion & Temperature.
Lithium EP Grease Lithium EP. 180°C . Multi Purpose such as Bearing & Chains.
MP Grease Calcium Based. 110°C . General Purpose such as Bush, Chassis,Body & etc.
Food Grade Grease Food, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic & Packaging.
Silicone Grease Plastic, Rubber, Semi-Condutor, Food, Cosmetic & Packaging.
Open Gear Grease Open Gear, Printing, Gear Box ,Construction & Mining Equipments.
Wire Rope Grease N.L.G.I from 0-5. All Type of Wire Rope Applications.
Tire Mounting Compound Tire Grease, assist in mounting rubber tires and tubes on wheels. Extra Protection
on Rubber & Wheel Rims.Non-toxic, Biodegradable.


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